People who want to start learning 3D jewelry modeling need to pass a long way for collecting years of experience. However, there are basic tips for 3D modelers which will help to create the first 3D model and get into the world of 3D jewelry. Here are some important jewelry tips to help you get the right direction and go professional.

3D visualization for your object

The 3D modeling process starts with a visualization of 3D model in your mind. First, you have the idea of what it will look like. For that, you will need to have sense of dimensions. You should decide the size, type, class and style of the design. Designing process is operated manually by giving values to parameters and each time you have to start from nothing.

Get the library of modeling components

First of all you have to get familiar with the terminology used in jewelry modeling. Parametrize the jewelry models in order to create custom jewelry design by changing sizes and shapes of the CAD model. Other important jewelry modeling componentsΒ are features and stock-solids. After the jewelry modeling process rapid prototyping techniques are used for personalized jewelry.

Learn 3D modeling software

Powerful 3D modeling software can be a good base for you to create a stunning jewelry model.Β For starting to learn 3D modeling the Blender is the most appropriate one as it is simple to use and understand basics. Rhino and Matrix are the best for precision modeling. For 3D curving and applying texture you should use Zbrush and ArtCam to getΒ the most appropriate relief design.

Get jewelry modeling guides

You can find on the Internet a lot of educational sites about 3D modeling. You can find helpful courses for every software you choose, blogs and detailed guides about jewelry modeling basics.

Other topics about the modeling process:

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