Digital Sculpting

   We at CADMaster jewelry design studio are providing professional 3D sculpting services. Working on Z-Brush and Rhinoceros software platforms enables our jewelry CAD designers to experiment and go deep into digital sculpting details and to get incredibly close to the final character.

    Working with your jewelry sketches, photos, or ideas, we will create a digital sculpting model to your exact specifications. The final digital 3D model will be the result of the collaborative work between you and our CAD designers.

digital sculpting

3d digital sculpting

   Digital Sculpting is one of the methods of 3D modeling which is enabling the manipulation of jewelry models turning it into a realistic object. Through 3D sculpting you can view it from different angles. It gives more intuitive and artistic approach. Digital Sculpting has become well known and utilized by many jewelry CAD designers as a 3D modeling innovative technique in recent years.

Zbrush For 3D Sculpting

One of the most popular software used in digital sculpting is Zbrush.

    Zbrush software is used for more innovative digital sculpting to turn into life previously unimaginable designs. Having incorporated powerful features and advanced tools it gives an opportunity to create inspiring 3D models and create the jewelry model of your imagination. Through Zbrush our jewelry CAD designers are providing our clients with realistic rendering for jewelry. Afterwards the 3D printing process is becoming easy.

   The overall process of jewelry model creation has become practical and the creativity process has expanded its freedom. Your jewelry model will look as real as never before due to rich and detailed surfaces and patterns. The incorporation of individual elements, the perfect balance are becoming a background for producing creative organic jewelry models due to powerful CAD programs.

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digital sculpting
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