CADMaster jewelry design studio is specialized in providing high quality 3D modeling and jewelry CAD services. If you have the conceptual jewelry design in your head we can translate it in the language of new generation technologies. Our experienced 3D jewelry CAD designers are using such renowned designing software like Matrix, Rhinoceros and ZBrush to create your virtual model.

   Why do you need jewelry CAD services? 3D modeling allows to achieve greater complexity in design, to experiment endlessly and to have production-ready jewelry model that will make manufacturing faster and easier. 3D jewelry models allow to see the product from thousands of angles and with incredible close-ups.

   3D modeling process is providing you jewelry CAD files to make into finished products. The rich experience of jewelry CAD designers will let us to realize all your jewelry sketch ideas.

Digital Sculpting

   CADMaster offers professional 3D sculpting. Using software like Rhinoceros and Z-Brush allows our jewelry CAD designers to create detailed digital sculpture, thus making it as close as possible to the original model. To view our digital sculpting gallery click here.

   To order jewelry 3D CAD models, send us a jewelry design sketch, similar image with detailed description and all important requirements. Our 3D jewelry designers will create models with utmost precision and professionalism. Furthermore, jewelry models can be used in jewelry rendering which can be successfully used in your e-commerce purposes.

Jewelry Modeling

   To start your jewelry 3D modeling process, send us a drawing or a jewelry design you want. Our 3D jewelry designers will make models according to your requirements. To view our jewelry CAD models click here.

Relief Design

   Jewelry haut relief or bas-relief design is one of the main services that CADMaster 3D jewelry studio offers. For ordering your custom haut relief or bas-relief design on a pendant, coin or ring our creative designers will take your idea, come up with unique ideas, and present you the final model. For our relief design gallery click here

Why 3D modeling is so important?

How difficult it was before to make a choice in favor of one or the other jewelry model. The range of jewelry models offered in the market isn’t always meeting your needs. We had to search long, visit dozens of jewelry stores, to spend time in the search. So it was before, but not now. We are ready to offer you a unique solution to the problem. Why go on standards when you can get your desired jewelry modeling with a unique design.

3D modeling is what you need for your creating the jewelry model of your preferred ring. After creating a 3D model, we can easily get a piece of jewelry design from the material which you choose.

3D modeling is a modern method of high-precision manufacture of jewelry models using 3D graphics. In addition, 3D modeling is a great way to save time. The professional tools, software which are used to produce jewelry models are equipped with powerful features. The 3D modeling process is carried out in six effective software. It allows you to create detailed 3D models that, before taking up their production, can be viewed from any angle. 3D modeling and jewelry rendering are greatly facilitating the work of a jeweler, and saves his time. You can buy ready-made wedding rings made of gold, silver, as well as jewelry inserts to them.

The equipment that is used for 3D modeling can quickly produce a wide variety of jewelry models. The models will have maximum precision, best level of detailing, and high degree of symmetry. Also 3D jewelry modeling allows you to get these models, without using long and complex manual work. We design products implementing your time-consuming tasks. That could be designing of earrings, the need to reduce the weight or changing the size. Looking through the gallery of jewelry models you can find high-quality, accurate jewelry models .

How to begin the 3D modeling process?

In today’s world cannot exist without the application of development of the technological progress achievements. Of course, technological advances touched also the jewelry industry. For creating a ready-made wedding rings made of gold or silver using 3D technologies, you do not need to spend a lot of time. It is fast enough, but at the same time and very efficient process. The first phase of the ready-made models is the creation of 3d modeling jewelry. Our designers carry out to create fascinating 3D models. After this the jewelry model is fully ready for further operation. If you have liked the models presented on our website, get in touch with our support team and order your 3dm file.

Whatever it was, the production of any piece of jewelry begins, first of all, with the idea. And this idea, again, should be embodied in a jewelry sketch. Ready-made wedding rings are a perfect solution for jewelers. It is also  for those who want to make an exclusive, spectacular product to order.

You want to make a custom jewelry design for your customers? You want to make your own jewelry collection? CADMaster 3D modeling studio helps you in your projects. We build all your jewelry in 3D.

We have all the necessary software for 3D modeling. Our qualified and experienced jewelry CAD designers will realize in a short time your project. We master all constraints such as digital sculpture, relief design and jewelry modeling.

How to order 3D modeling?

We get in touch by phone or email and discuss together the jewelry model to achieve CAD model.

We create for you a first 3D model of jewelry and send you the realistic file. We rework the 3D file if necessary to complete validation of the project.

We deliver the CAD model (STL file) on time and price agreed in advance together.

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