Rhinoceros is a 3D jewelry design and modeling software for creation of professional 3D CAD models of jewelry. Expert jewelry CAD designers are using this tool as it is easy to use, flexible and has a lot of powerful features.

Rhinoceros 3D, also called “Rhino 3D”, is a 3D jewelry design software mainly used in architectural trades, industrial design and jewelry design.

Rhino is comprehensive for new CAD designers and at the same time suitable and efficient for experts.

Rhinoceros offers great flexibility and precision in 3D modeling. Rhinoceros is commonly used for industrial design, architecture, design marine, jewelry design, automotive design, CAD / CAM. Besides that it is used for rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, product design as well as the multimedia and graphic design industries.

The Rhinoceros software can create a model of virtually everything, starting from 3D jewelry and ending with the car body. Rhinoceros is mainly used to build computer models of jewelry. However, because of its flexibility and accuracy Rhino is used everywhere. From the artistic illustration to industrial design, from the design of shoes to clothing design.

Rhino Software is developed by Robert McNeel & Associates.

How does Rhino implement 3D modeling process

Rhino 3D models can produce real products using 3D printer. They can create jewelry modelings which can be created in precious metals such as gold or platinum.

The main advantage of Rhinoceros is that it let the CAD designer to change the entire model with precise modifications and without deteriorating the simple interface.

Due to the easy to learn interface you can be creative without worrying about the features of the software. This program provides an unfettered opportunity for 3D modeling as the products cost 30-50 times more expensive. The interface is clear and easy to understand for the user.

In case you master the program you will be able to model any shape you just imagine!

The interface is customizable, fast and developed by CAD experts for creating 3D jewelry models.

To understand the general operation and design methodology of Rhinoceros 3D software you should create complex objects. This will help understand surface features of Rhinoceros. Creating complex objects with Rhinoceros is a key to identify the most suitable methods.

Rhino for jewelry rendering

With the use of Rhino it is possible to create highly realistic jewelry renderings. Every detail and every angle is defined by its precise dimensions, absolute sizes and ready for rapid prototyping process.

The jewelry models that are created with Rhino can pass to the jewelry rendering through V-Ray which is also a powerful tool to create high quality renders. The top quality jewelry models can be created with Maxwell Render.

Starting modeling your 3D jewelry with Rhinoceros

You can create your 3D jewelry models by adjusting surface curves. This modeling is based on an adaptive process, which allows optimizing the number of facets composing the surface of the object.

Rhino 3D offers several features to make a printable file into 3D. Here are a few:

  • Rhino allows for Boolean operations (addition and subtraction of volumes). This will create volumes closed and suitable for 3D printing.
  • In 3D printing, it is necessary that both sides of an object attached have got only one body. The “join” will allow you to merge the intersections of the two volumes in order to obtain a single object.
  • Modeling cannot be printed if the modeled object is closed. This function will help you identify the models say “open”. The command “show edges” will help you locate the open sides and facilitate the correction of modeling.

Rhino 3D file formats

Rhino 3D file format is in the extension (.3DM). Rhino 3D can export your models in many formats. After you complete your model, so you can export the file in the formats 3DS (3D Studio), DXF (AutoCAD), SKP (SketchUp) and IGES. Before you export your file, check if your target format supports colors and textures.

Other topics about the modeling process:

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