Custom Jewelry

  Our professional jewelry designers will work with your jewelry sketches, drafts or photos and will provide you with unique jewelry designs making them a custom personalized jewelry just for you. If you don’t have an exact idea of what you want, we can offer you latest jewelry sketches. The final jewelry drawing will be the result of the collaborative work between you and our creative jewelry CAD designers

   The jewelry design process starts with initial jewelry sketches. The drawings will be presented to you for review and approval. Our jewelry designers will take into account all the techniques of drawing jewelry sketches and combine with jewelry modeling requirements. This includes the 3D model proportions, scales, comfort, gemstones, and other important details to get the ideal jewelry sketch for further 3D modeling process.

jewelry sketching

   The jewelry designers will make changes and improvements until we get what you want. We will finalize and refine the design by adjusting proportions, stones, color, etc. Mounting of the stone, the heft, textures, dimensions should be a part of jewelry sketches. After approving the draft concept, we may start the CAD process – turning jewelry sketches into a 3D modelSketching process is an important part of jewelry modeling and is an effective way for visual and verbal communication.

jewellery illustration

With us you don’t need to be an artist to create your custom jewelry design