ArtCAM is a software package for the design of bulk reliefs, spatial modeling / machining, which allows you to automatically generate a 3D model of a flat drawing. It is comfortable to use.

ArtCAM is designed for modeling and processing of spatial and artistic forms. It should be particularly noted that ArtCAM is a real CAD / CAM system. It combines a set of tools for 3D modeling. It is widely used in a variety of areas, such as woodworking, engraving, jewelry, advertising and others. The tool is easy to learn and use.

In order to obtain the primary skills of 3D modeling and design, it is recommended to use licensed software package of Art CAM (computer-aided design, artistic design and graphics).

ArtCAM is a technological and design package to create artistic reliefs on the basis of two-dimensional images.

ArtCAM is a professional program and includes both computer and artistic modeling (design). It has an intuitive interface to understand.


The use of the three-dimensional computer modeling can facilitate the process of understanding the real 3D structure of the body, and makes it possible to trace the lines of the spatial relationships using the framework of the object model and, ultimately, to get a realistic visualization using textures.


ArtCAM Pro

The advanced tools for 3D modeling strategies in ArtCAM Pro provide the complete solution for all modeling requirements.

ArtCAM Pro is a unique program for creating complex 3D reliefs. It allows to design and manufacture free high quality 3D products from conceptual sketches or graphics faster than you might think.

In addition, you can instantly get the relief from vector by specifying its height. To simplify the design process the model can be arranged in several layers of relief and edit the contents of each layer at any stage of design creation.

In the development of complex designs, individual parts can be designed individually, and then connect to the 3D model and saved as a draft. Combining the details of the model, or parts thereof, it is possible to create new features and product line.

With ArtCAM Pro you can build directly from the sketches multi-layer relief model, sculptured on the 3D model screen, or use customizable libraries of vectors and reliefs.

ArtCAM Pro is a proven solution to various types of production.


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