Many lovers of animals want to display them in their jewelry. For example, rings, bracelets can be decorated with statues of certain animals. It all depends on the imagination of the owner of jewelry and customer desires.

3D shapes of jewelry can easily be in the form of animals. There may also be charms in the form of animal. And can be sculptures for every taste and color of the animals or hunting motifs.

Most women prefer jewelry models with pets. Such jewelry as figurines in the form of pets always fit any girl tending to feel soft and sensual beauty, taking care of the animal world.

It is not only quite interesting, but also fun. So if you want to make a touching and memorable gift to your beloved, you should refer to the 3D animals and see all the variety of interesting jewelry. You can also order the decoration in the form of a certain way of living creatures. Figures of animals are always in fashion for women and young ladies. A huge number of men prefer to buy ring in the form of a snake or a gentle cat.

Creating models of animals with tools

For executing the commands of customers optimally jewelry modeling companies use ZBrush. ZBrush is a graphic design program that works with figures from 2D to 3D with hybrid technology.

It is used both as a regular program for 2D graphics but also for 3D modeling and textures. Fundamentally different from other graphics programs ZBrush recorded for each pixel not only the RGB and alpha data, but also depth information.

The software is primarily used for organic models.

ZBrush is also ideal for modeling 3D polygonal objects. You can import an existing model in OBJ format and work it in ZBrush, or directly create a new model in ZBrush. This modeling tool also creates a skeletal structure, which is then converted into a polygonal object.

Animals are inspirations for designers

The first step for modeling of animals is to determine the morphological parameters needed to set up a body model generic. The second part of it is to provide a photo annotation interface, allowing the user to give these parameters in some gestures by drawing a quick sketch of an animal picture.

From billions of years of evolution, the animal kingdom is constantly changing to grow and adapt to its environment. He will now be able to count on an ally for shock ever colonize the planet: 3D printing!

Nature, especially wildlife, is a powerful engine of inspiration for CAD designers. Many creative 3D works are inspired by shapes and behaviors of certain animals. These tributes technology with nature inspired us a selection of the best animal print in 3D.

Whether felines, canines or amphibians; tame or wild, these animals will not leave you indifferent! Artists have strained all their modeling techniques and their imagination to bring you these creations. Reflecting diversity in the real world, animals printed in 3D are of several types. There are realistic, very true to their natural version; modern, whose form has been magnified by technology and finally animate, they will delight you with their mechanisms.

Other topics about the modeling process:

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