In this article we will talk about the basic steps a professional jewelry sketch passes, before being turned into a final product. We will cover the jewelry design process, cooperation with jewelry CAD designers and the final step of production.

Searching for an idea:

To make something extraordinary, you need to think outside the box. But whatever idea you come up with you need to remember that jewelry sketches require a special approach. If you are new to jewelry design you may need to gather some ideas and closely examine some sketching concepts. After that you can start drawing a jewelry sketch and then trying to think of possibilities of turning it to CAD model. You can pick up any jewelry piece around, and try to fully examine it. Try to review it upside down, at an angle to understand how it looks, and what the right proportions are. You need to understand the basic requirements of CAD jewelry to make jewelry sketches that are right to 3D model.

The sketching process:

You need to start with basic shapes, lines and then proceed to step by step drawing. You need to try not to get too detailed on the first step. What you need to do is to get the overall shape and structure of the jewelry piece you have thought. Then after bringing it lo life-size you may proceed to details and stones.

Demo sketches:

Your sketches do not need to always be a finished jewelry design. You may create a basic form of a jewelry piece, and then use it as a template to get different ideas. This may be extremely helpful when developing a jewelry line. The rings or pendants may have the same style, but not the same details and stones. Especially when you decide to color the gems, you will see the same style of the line, but totally different jewelry designs.

Finalizing the design:

Once you have tested your sketch, and are completely sure that it works, you may do the final touches. You can place the beads, different textures and connections and play around with the design. After having the final design you can send it out to jewelry CAD designers.

CAD and production:

After the CAD process you will see your 3D jewelry design for the first time. You need to remember that it will slightly vary from your original jewelry sketch. That is due to some requirements that jewelry CAD services have. You may even see that some part of the design doesn’t look the way you have thought would. And you may ask your jewelry CAD designer to change or modify it.

When you are totally happy with your jewelry CAD design, you may send it to production. The steps of turning the jewelry sketch to a final product are pretty long. That’s the cost for getting into the unique world of jewelry design.

Other topics about the modeling process:

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