Platinum is a white metal in nature due to which it is used to create fine jewelry models with diamond. It is used for jewelry making and in different fields of science and industry. Platinum – a very rare metal, associated with luxury, wealth.

An alternative to platinum jewelry today are the jewels from white gold. The white noble metal is simply irreplaceable, when it comes to diamond jewelry. But platinum will always be standing in this line alone with only her peculiar aura of elitism.

Platinum jewelry is a wonderful combination of luxury and discreet beauty.

Platinum is an amazing metal that combines strength, durability and refined appearance.

The purity of platinum jewelry model

For considering the platinum being labeled it must contain more than 50% pure platinum. The high percentage of platinum in jewelry piece is increasing its value as the completely pure platinum of 100% is not a common metal. Sometimes you can find platinum jewelry models mixed with other precious or non-precious stones.

For getting a label platinum the metal should have at least 95% purity.(950 parts per thousand). If it has less than 50% purity it will not be labeled as platinum.

The significance of platinum jewelry

Platinum is considered as the most precious and strongest metal. Although its value wasn’t immediately recognized by humanity. It is symbolizing endless love and enduring relationship. It is found too rare. . The largest of these weighs is 9.6 kg. It is always a valuable choice as a wedding or engagement ring. With an elegant appearance jewelry lovers will appreciate it a lot.

Jewelry made of platinum have long time been the standard of impeccable taste and a sign of high status of their respective owners.

Jewelry made of platinum is a certain indicator of social status. So this gift would be favorably received by even the most discerning admirer of jewelry.

Specifications of platinum

The main distinguishing feature of platinum, except for its amazing shine is the high strength. Due to its density platinum is never changing color during time and is essentially durable. Because of its color sometimes it looks a lot like white gold. However, they have different weights. Platinum is much heavier that gold. The color is also different.  The origin of white gold is the yellow gold.

Platinum is special and beyond compare with its brilliance, attractive appearance, precious metal and bright gemstones.

The white color is enlightening the beauty of jewelry piece. It is also perfect for womens sensitive skin.

The use of platinum

Platinum is actively used in the production of well-known companies-manufacturers of jewelry – Tiffany, Cartier and others. Great looking ornaments made of platinum are often combined with yellow gold. The natural platinum color perfectly highlights the colors and luster of precious stones, especially diamonds.

Platinum is appreciated and in demand worldwide. It is in demand as jewelry and as an investment.

More and more newlyweds prefer platinum wedding rings. Currently, the global platinum demand exceeds supply.

And yet, why platinum product more expensive than gold?

The price of one gram of gold and platinum are differing of about 6%, but platinum is more valuable that gold. The real difference is much more than 6%. This is for three reasons.

Creating platinum products requires more skill and talent of the goldsmith, and a time of manufacture. Accordingly, the manufacturing cost is higher.

The second reason is related to the purity of the material used. Due to the softness of pure gold for making gold jewelry the commonly is used 585 or 750 purity. This means that the alloy from which the product manufactured contains 58.5% and 75%, respectively, of pure gold. Platinum is much more durable and resistant to mechanical stress material, so the manufacturers use platinum 850, 900 or 950. This means that the material contains 85%, 90% or 95% pure platinum.

Platinum is denser and heavier than gold. If we do a simple ring of gold, and then did exactly the same ring in platinum, the platinum ring will weigh more. Therefore, we need to buy more metal for the ring.

Surely platinum is still waiting for new ups and downs in popularity. One thing is certain: it has firmly taken its place among the precious metals, which are widely used when creating jewelry.

Kinds of jewelry made of platinum

At present, ornaments and jewelry made of platinum are in a wide range So buying a product that will satisfy even the most sophisticated expert of jewelry is just simple. And the most popular:

  • Rings made of platinum. Men’s and women’s jewelry collection is so extensive that you can pick up the product at any age, taste and purse.
  • Platinum pendants. To this list can be classified as small jewelries made of platinum, whose price is quite accessible and massive decorations, which are a sign of high social status.
  • Earrings made of platinum. Earrings – is a mandatory attribute of any jewelry set. Without them, the set will look incomplete and will lose some of its appeal.
  • Wedding rings. Due to the high strength of the jewelry metal you can wear it all the time. They do not darken and fade by time, which is why choosing the wedding rings, the couples often prefer platinum.

It should be noted; however, that platinum is quite versatile metal. The thin ring of platinum is the perfect option for everyday decorating a young girl. A small pendant or a luxurious necklace decorate the neck. A business owner can make an impression on business partners with platinum tie clip or a stylish ring.

Platinum jewelry is a unique decoration, affecting the surrounding rigor and restrained elegance. They fit perfectly into the modern idea of ​​the taste, the keynote of which is refined minimalism.

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