A number of guys love wearing necklaces. Men’s jewelry designs include crosses and dog tags, which are made of gold or silver. Some people opt to have these pendants engraved with names, favorite numbers, dates, symbols, short quotes or a meaningful word. Others like to keep the pendant’s surface plain and simple. The shapes and sizes of the pendants vary. They can either be round, oval, square, rectangle or triangle. Or, they can be fashioned into different forms, such as animals, skulls, bullets, initials, guns, swords, daggers and anchors. Unique styles include a shark’s tooth and a guitar pick. Black leather cords can also be used in place of metal chains. These can be worn with or without pendants.

Jewelry For Men with Superb Style

Even if they are not yet married, men also love wearing rings. They can choose those that are made of gold, platinum or silver. Or, they can select titanium, tungsten, zirconium, steel, palladium or zirconia ceramic rings. The plain or engraved ones are usually for weddings, but other designs like those with jewels, lines or special symbols are also available for both single and married men. Some men proudly wear their college or university rings with their Alma mater’s insignia as its main design.

Businessmen who wear suits all the time love wearing cuff links. These are used to elegantly fasten the cuffs of their long-sleeved shirts in place. Their styles range from simple to gaudy. Most cuff links are made of sterling silver, gold or titanium. Some have jewels or inscriptions on them. These are also available in various sizes and shapes. The preferred shapes are circles, rectangles or squares, but some men like to wear unconventional styles like horseshoes, airplanes, beans, starfish or commas.

The music industry is filled with male artists who wear earrings. These are commonly seen in rappers. Usually, they are only worn on one ear, but nowadays, they wear it in both of their ears. The most popular style among this artistic set is the diamond stud earring. They are often referred to as “bling-bling.” Some guys wear gold studs or small hoop earrings.

Bracelets are also worn by males. They favor those that are made of leather, copper, silver and platinum. Some of them prefer beaded or braided bracelets. Bracelets for females usually have charms dangling on the chains or cords, but the styles available for males rarely have charms on them. The designs are concentrated on the chains or cords. They can be plain black, white or brown. Or, they can be made with a combination of colors like blue or green. They can also be engraved.

Expensive watches are also considered jewelry for men, especially if they are made with gold, titanium or diamond. They are available in a wide range of styles, colors and prices. For some reason, most luxury watches are analog. The digital ones are deemed too sporty and rugged to be considered as jewelry.

Men’s jewelry has really evolved over the years. Before, modern society was not open to gentlemen wearing gems, bangles and other accessories. It wasn’t considered manly and should only be saved for the ladies. Times indeed have changed. Now, who says that only the women get to enjoy the fun of wearing beautiful and dazzling ornaments?


Eco-Drive Citizen Men’s Watches

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Watches are the ultimate choice for a sophisticated, enduring time piece.

The revolutionary Eco-Drive technology allows you to forget about watch batteries. The Eco-Drive harnesses the power of light from both natural and artificial lighting sources and converts that into energy, that the high-tech watch system stores.

The Eco-Drive men’s watches collection includes in a variety of fantastic stylish dress, sports and casual designs in gold, stainless steel and titanium. Promaster, Chronograph, Stiletto and Aqualand designs are also available.


Men’s Jewelry: Unique Men’s Gifts

No longer just the choice of the metro-sexual, men’s jewelry has become a mainstream fashion statement.

Teens to dads, husbands and boyfriends to sons and brothers are wearing men’s jewelry.

With this demand, the availability of an ever increasing range of fantastic unique men’s jewelry has become available in the last few years.

Whether purchasing for yourself or purchasing a gift for a loved one, men’s jewelry from pendants, necklaces, chains, bracelets and cuff links to key chains are available in gold, titanium, stainless steel and sterling silver with diamonds, CZ cubic zirconias and gemstones.

Welcome to the exciting world of men’s jewelry.


Brand Name Men’s Jewelry by Rochet

Designer brands are not just for the ladies. Men are getting in on the act too when it comes to preferring brand name jewelry.

Rochet jewelry, is one of the hottest men’s jewelry brands.

The Rochet men’s jewelry range includes men’s bracelets and men’s pendants in a combination of stainless steel, titanium and ceramic.

Discover men’s brand name jewelry for yourself with Rochet jewelry.


Earrings Gifts

Stainless steel jewelry is the fastest expanding type of men’s jewelry around the world with unique designs becoming available all the time. Stainless steel is a great choice for men as it stands up to everyday wear well and has a versatile silver-grey color that matches perfectly with men’s watches.

Stainless steel jewelry is also highly affordable allowing it to fit within even the most modest budget. Men’s stainless steel bracelets, men’s pendants and men’s designer jewelry are particularly popular.

Try it for yourself and you’ll discover why so many men fashionable men are choosing stainless steel.


Men’s Silver Jewelry: Men’s Silver Rings to Designer Men’s Silver Pendants and Necklaces

Designer men’s jewelry is the hottest men’s silver jewelry with the Hot Diamonds world famous collection being the best known. This spectacular silver jewelry range includes men’s silver rings, men’s silver pendants, men’s silver bracelets and men’s silver necklaces.

Many of the silver men’s jewelry includes white diamonds to make it even more appealing.

Silver rings with black sapphires are also a hit with the modern man. Men’s silver jewelry is also a great choice for men’s gifts, with silver jewelry being especially affordable and always well received by men.

The Male Fashion Accessory of Choice

Men’s Rings are now worn by most men. Men’s wedding bands are worn by almost all men.

Men’s Pendants are the men’s jewelry piece that make the most noticeable fashion statement

Today, men often have multiple men’s pendants that they mix and match, with one pendant for casual wear and one for going out on the town and one of special occasions. Designer diamond silver men’s pendants are available together with cool stainless steel designs.

Men’s pendants are becoming the men’s gift of choice for birthdays and Christmas.

Men’s bracelets, especially the most affordable of the men’s bracelets, the stainless steel bracelets are a great choice. Men are buying bracelets for themselves and ladies are increasingly buying men’s bracelets for their loved ones, particularly boyfriends, husbands and sons.


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